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Yness sat down with Zg Sport’s Anela Novina and talked about her new single “Phone Call“, future and shenanigans with Radio Enter colleagues.

SOURCE: Zg Sport


INES-HUSKIC-250Your debut on air of Radio Enter was a couple of days ago. What are your impressions? Were you nervous?koracima?

The first day was crazy. During my show, all of the editors were in the room. I was extremely nervous, but at the same time filled with this positive energy. Afterwards we all hugged it out! I’ll always remember that moment.


Are there any funny stories from the radio that you’d want to share?

Well, one of the most important things you need to be careful about is not leaving your social media accounts unattended! Once I had my colleague leave a hilarious folk song on my Facebook wall. All my friends were like, “Oh, did you change your music taste already?” Once when I was on air, I forgot to turn off the mic and started babbling something, it’s a good thing there weren’t any cuss words! I occasionally get my tongue tied several times in one sentence, I guess because of not getting enough sleep! But those are all beginners’ mistakes.


What’s Ines like in private, what do you love, what makes you sad?

I’m the same person in private as I am on air, or at shows, or on performances. I love food, I love music. In that sense I prefer performing where I have to dance and sing – so I can combine those two loves of my life. And when it comes to sadness… Well, I’ll talk about that in my songs.

Recently, we had a chance to see and hear you as an singer, how is the musical part of your career going?

The career is going great. I just released my third single, called “Phone Call“, which I think most girls (and guys) can relate to. It’s hard balancing the radio during the day, and have the energy to go to the studio or gigs in the evening. So far, I’ve managed that pretty well; I’ll be releasing a video to the single “Phone Call”. There’ll be some familiar Radio Enter faces in it, as well.

What performance do you remember most fondly?

I’m especially fond of my Split HNK performance, at the “Runjićeve večeri” concert. The Band consisted of Alan Bjelinski and Ante Gelo! Of course, the Croatian president was in the audience. That, and the whole national theatre ambiance made a ig impression on me!

Other than that big concert, I will also remember my “Croatia seeking for a star” performances, as well as my dance&sing show at Club Best, which is what I’d love to do more in the future

Anela Novina”