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Styling : Ana Toto
Make up: Kristina Hošnjak
Hair : Mirna Čurak
Photography : Ivana Pavlović

Did you ever sit by the phone hoping he would call? “Well we all did right?” – says the young Zagreb singer that goes by the name of Yness which dedicated her new singl to this matter. She also shot a sexy video in a red dress which made it clear why they call her the croatian J.Lo.

You wrote the song for the most part – is it based on a true story?

Unfortunately ,yes! 🙂 At this point I’m much more confident and relaxed about “the call” but when I was younger that’s exactly what happened! – getting hysterical while waiting for it. It funny how women overthink this stuff, a lot more then men anyways- is he gonna call, does he like me enough, should I do something about it etc..

Do you think women are bigger drama queens then men?

Well aren’t we? We go through this whole story we make up in our heads , the 100 what ifs , we analyze and go nuts and in the mean time the only thought they had is : What’s for lunch?

How old were you when you started singing?

Well for my own pleasure when I was around 12 , but professionally I started just three years ago, after the show “Croatia’s idol” an since then I’ve pretty much been doing it all the time.

Which music video made you go crazy when you were a kid?

TLCs’ “Creep” – in the 5th grade of elementary school I was such a fan!They were dressed in male clothing and yet they were unbelievably sexy. They had an attitude and confidence and I remeber thinking : I wanna be this cool.That’s when my love towards dancing began as well. I carry that r’n’b feel in me to this day.

Who are your musical role models?

Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, India Arie. Not only for the music I resonate with and which awesome but also for the messages their songs carry. That music raised me and whatever I do, in which ever genre, it will always have a bit of their influence.

Academically wise you have a masters degree in pharmacy – do you ever plan to get behind the counter?

Since grammar school I was reading health magazines at home, I loved chemistry and math so the idea of pharmacy came quite naturally. BUt towards the end of my studies I realized I really don’t want to be behind the counter so after I did my internship for a year and passed the pharmacy bar exam I haven’t worked in that field. If I do go back it’s gonna be pharmacy in another shape. Just as I planned to do something about it I got the call to come work as radio host for ENTER ZAGREB radio.

Who would you like to make a duet with?

It great to do something with Franka Batelić in the style of Monica and BRandy “The Boy Is Mine”. From the top people in the biz – Jessie Ware, Jessie J, Pharell or one the producers of house like Duke Dumont, Calvin Harris.

How would describe your music?

Autobiographical, positive and of course with a touch of 90’s. A bit of soul, a bit of funk, a bit of rnb and house..all mixed into good pop.