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Yness gave an interview for storybook magazine revealing her plans with pharmacy, radio hosting and music.

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The „IT“ Girl – Versatility suits her well

The girl noticed by the public a few years ago on a TV singing show is no longer an unfamiliar face.
Ines Huskić, now known as Yness has a master degree in pharmacy in her pocket but is on her way to build a musical career rather then a pharmaceutical one. She recently took on a role as radio host as well on radio ENTER. She describes her music as mixture of soul, house, funk, pop and rnb.

Book : Your music story begins on a TV show „Croatian Idol“. What has happened since?
Since then I recorded three singles – „Delete“ , „Summer High“, „Poziv“, of which the first two had official remixes as well. For all three I released videos and I’m proud to say I produced the second two. I gained live performance experience in my home town Zagreb as well as through out Croatia.
One of the highlights was definitely performing at the National theater in Split at „Runjić Evenings“ with the president sitting in the audience and one my favorites was also a residency at Hvar island where I gained valuable experience of performing every day. Of course since then I did my pharmaceutical internship and passed the bar exam as well.

Book : How would you describe your musical expression?
As ever-changing. I think you will always be able to hear the music that influenced me : soul, rnb, funk, pop but I definitely lean towards house beats these days and I know I never want to do just one. I like when genres mash together into something that you can’t place into a category.

Book : Do you think it’s hard to break through on our music scene?
I think it’s hard if you do urban music. It’s just not what people are into in these parts and I don’t think they’re interested in paying for concerts like that.

Book : Do you have plans to move your career abroad?
I have dreams, not really plans. It’s hard to plan when you don’t know anyone in the music biz outisde and have no logistics to move out. Being from Croatia also makes it quite difficult to move as well. I’m definitely open to thinking outside Croatian borders though.

Book : Why Yness?
It was more for practical reasons then anything else – diacritical signs on my last name is hell to work with on the internet. It’s proununced the same way the Ines is but looks different – in a way I want it to make a slight change from the reality singing show people met me in. I also think the letter Y looks really sexy.

Book : Do you think you’ll ever go back to doing pharmacy?
I’m not throwing away the possibility but I just started at the radio which corelates way more with music so I think I’ll stick with that for a while as far as day jobs go. Though with me you never know, music is the only constant thing I want to do.

Book : Who are your singing role models.
I like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, India Arie, Alicia Keys, from new ones Jessie J and Jessie Ware I think are spectacular. I definitely want to develop my own unique style as much as possible.

Book : Where do you see your self in five years.
Well every plan I ever had turned on me 180 degrees so I don’t plan anymore.
I do still want to be making music I love, that people like. I want to still be dancing. I want to make enoguh money to travel etc.
At this point I love how unpredictable my life is. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster and that I’m completely free to leave tommorow for another part of the world and do whatever I want.

Book : Radio hosting is new to you. How are you managing?
Well at first it was quite stressful but with the help of my colleagues who guided me through the whole beginning and are still giving me advice I’m slowely proggresing.

Book : Who is Ines Huskić?
A girl who loves performing, singing, dancing, who’s very very very curious about anything – science, traveling, languages, bussiness, art and who will never ever have enough time for all of those interests.
I hate wasting time, I try to give my best an many levels, I break often and pick my self up even more. I enoy my self and others in trying to make things work and I never regret following my heart or instincts. Constantly on the move, crazy as much as normal but definitely always true to myself.