Since I was little, the whole year revolved around summer and 2011. – that was THE Summer! That means that it had everything I needed for happiness – dancing, singing, adventure, new people and new places. It was also the summer after „Croatia’s Idol“ and I was supposed to decide if I was gonna quit singing forever or go straight through the wall, get independent and dig into it professionally.

First stop – Dance camp SDK in a Czech forest

The dance camp was in a forest on a lake – street dances, all day, everyday for a week. The music was on from 9 am when practice began until 9 pm. After that you had a cold army shower, a bit of junk food and we went to battles and afterparties – BTW, the contestants and the teachers were the people who now dance for Madonna, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake – the best of the best along with 2 000 people, all dance-fanatics, were dancing everyday until dawn, sleeping two – three hours and then doing the whole thing again the next day. I had so much fun that I even survived the swine-flu on the dance floor. True, I collapsed at one moment and ruined my liver with red bull, coffee, pain-killers and had breathing problems for the rest of the summer but if you ask me – it was f…. worth it!

Second stop – Erykah Badu concert, Amsterdam – Erykah hugged me

Two friends of mine, singers as well, all of us are Erykah Badu fanatics. Of course me and my girlfriend don’t drink and we never smoked weed but there’s a first time for everything. They gave her a puff of the ‘white widow’ – experienced smokers will be laughing their asses of now at how naive she was… True, I thought she was panicking a bit when she said she felt really bad until my ‘space muffin’ effect kicked in. Let’s just say the concert was just about to begin and me and my friend had a scene out of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’… It was Sodom and Gomorrah in our heads and everybody around could see two little brats embarrassing themselves with paranoid behavior. I couldn’t really enjoy the concert because every sound and picture were coming in my head separately.. How would I describe it – it was like somebody put two charged defibrillators on my temporal lobes while I was choking in between. It was all good in the end, we accidentally met the whole band in the street the next day so they put us on the list and we got in for free the next time around – it was awesome! After the show we all got a hug from Erykah. Yes – Erykah Badu hugged me!

Third stop – Rotterdam, Brussell, Brugge

I went to rest and recuperate for a few days by myself after that. I saw some great architecture, danced in the street at the Rotterdam carnival, eradicated ridiculous amounts of Belgian waffles and chocolate and most importantly, I met people at my hostel who I’m friends with to this day.

Fourth stop – Yacht week : Vis – Komiža – some bay – Hvar – Kaštel

Upon my return to Zagreb I talked to my girlfriends and we all agreed to go to my place on Vis, just 3 days, granny style – food and the beach, that’s it. And so it began: ‘Hi! How you doin’?’ – asked the chubby bald guy on the beach. He and his two friends with a skipper were on yacht week and asked us if we wanted to go to Komiža to the beach with them… We said – well, ok – but you guys should come to my place in Vis to sleep over and rest from the boat rocking. And so it went on like that and I ended up staying for the whole week. Music was pounding from morning to next days dawn and every yacht probably had more alcohol in it then gas which you could get by the final regatta in which just one out of about 60 boats were going the right way…buahahah… I’m still in contact with those friends and one of them even came to visit me on Hvar last year when I was singing there but that’s another #dumdum story.

Fifth stop – Hvar , again

Just as I put my suitcase down in Zagreb, broke as I can be, tanned as the night, literally an hour after I arrived the phone rang. A colleague asked : „Hey Ines, would you come sing with us (the band) in Hvar for a week?“ – I’ll be there tomorrow. That week I sang my heart out, met a few more people and realized that I could never give up singing. I decided to flip my life upside down, move away solo and go professionally into singing… Whatever happens… There is one life to live. Sixth stop – new life. Ines became Yness. Nastupi-na-Hvaru-odluka-da-cu-pjevat