After a post summer break in order to relocate from her home town Zagreb, Croatia to the Netherlands, Yness is getting back to singing.

Slowly but surely –

¨ I don´t think I could ever completely stop singing. It´s a natural state of being so even though sometimes life gets in the way of doing it as much as I would want to, I´m sure it´s a life long passion and that I´ll be singing for the rest of my life. A hobby or a job, it´s not important, as long as I don´t have to stop. 🙂 ¨

¨Recently I moved to Amsterdam where I  met an enthusiastic group of aspiring musician called ¨1Music Entertainment¨ . We share love for  music by doing covers together. In future we hope to work on original songs as well but for now we are getting to know each other and love to spend Sundays jamming . Really hope you enjoy since it´s the first time I´ve been behind a mic after the summer.¨

The cover is also available for purchase at on line services and stores.