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” These days the young singer Yness moved to sunny Hvar. She will spend the whole summer there entertaining guests from all over the world, not only with covers but from now on with her own songs as well. After her debut single, she recorded her second video which you can preview here.

For Yness summer means mostly a lot of work. Only a month and a half after her first single, she released “Summer High”. Funk , soul and positive atmosphere are her musical currency and she’s on her way to showbiz with the support of friends and more experienced colleagues.

” Slowly I began to collect a small team of people, friends, colleague who I met along the way , which have somewhat the same vision how to do things. Basically we try to have fun along the way, we’re pretty detailed, we go into detail , but good fun is a must as well” says Ines .

Yness presented herself to the public with “Delete” and although it  didn’t become a huge hit, this young singer still proudly signed every word!

” That song is just a part of me. I think that’s why people responded well. How it actually did on tv and radio I honestly do not know. To get things rolling you need to have the machinery, and I’m what you call a one-man -band at everything I do” explains Yness.

She will spend the whole summer performing on the idyllic island of Hvar scene experience .

We asked what she tought about her colleagues and does she see them as competition :

” You know what they say about the competition , competitions are for horses , not artists , so I don’t believe in competition in music. It’s ridiculous. I want only the most positive for my colleagues and I only got positive back so far ”  says convingly the young singer.

No time for competition when it comes to love either.

” Who is the guy I’m hiding? Wish I was; wish I had several to hide. Nothing, zero, I’m in working more ” says Ines .

When she comes back to Zagreb she’ll keep working on new songs and all we know they will probably be positive and optimistic  just like the star herself. ”

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