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“Summer edition of the Storybook magazine was held in the lovely Villa Richter, in Zagreb. Lounge music, cocktails and finger food accompanied celebrities, such as Marko Tolja, Filip Dizdar, Davor Gobac, Ivana Omazić, Tihana Harapin Zalepugin, Marija Borić and Ivana Alduka. Also, there were Storybook’s own columnists, Ante Carić, Mia Kovačić and Lana Biondić.

The acclaimed photographer Mare Milin gave a surprise DJ performance , after which the singer Ines Huskić took over.

The promotion was held under the stars, in the garden of a beautiful one story villa. All the guests had a chance to look at the creativity of one of Croatia’s most prominent artists in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Vjenceslav Richter and his wife Nada Kareš Richter donated the artwork and the family house in 1980, so that it can be examined and explored in a constructivist manner, as well as join other artists and raise cultural awareness outside Zagreb centre. 

It was precisely that story that prompted the editorial board of Storybook magazine to hold the promotion at the venue. The promotion was also a good chance to hand a cheque to “Jedra“, an association dedicated to people suffering from lung cancer and other lung illnesses. Within the “Osvijesti se! Sretan budi!” promotional campaign started by Storybook, more than 10 000 kuna was gathered.

‘I’m glad that through this useful project we gave awareness to the importance of finding the time to make every moment memorable and nicer. We are especially happy to financially help the “Jedra” association, because their project is praiseworthy’ – said Vedrana Čarapović, while handing a cheque to Sandra Karabatić, and thanking all the ambassadors and public persons  supporting this cause.

Magazine’s editor-in-chief Vedrana Čarapović also received praise on account of the magazine’s summer edition. Guests had the chance to browse through the new magazine edition and they discovered a bunch of new stuf from the world of love, fashion, culture, as well as beauty advice for the Summer. Galerija RL was responsible for the beautiful floral decorations, and guests had the chance to cool down in a welcome drink – HUGO cocktail. The venue was lighted by NOX light installations.

Photo: Robert Gašpert, Dražen Kokorić”