Arabian peacock photoshoot (2) - Kristijan Antolović

The singing pharmacist – even though she was into music since she was a kid, Yness took a long time to gain the courage to start singing  :

„Since I was 12 when I first heard Lauryn Hill singing in „Sister act 2“, I stayed glued to singing  even though  at that point I was more into dancing then singing . I remember I would copy the moves I was seeing in MTV videos  like TLC’s  and  dreamt how one day I would be a choreographer“

As she was growing up, music was with her everyday :

„There were hard times growing up – many times I felt alone, and missunderstood so music was my „,deal with it, let it go“ channel and my comfort zone“. I feel like in a way Lauryn Hill, Erykah badu,  India Arie and hip hop music raised me. „

Finishing here master degree in pharmaacy doubts  arose about wether she really wants to work in that field. :

“I love science and if I had more lives to live, one would definitely be dedicated to science but since we only have this one – singing and dancing are still my number one love“..

After the university she applied for the singing TV show „ HTZ“  – a croatian version of  „American idol“. :

„I didn’t  have anything to loose. I thought – Who knows, maybe it’ll be easier to get into singing aftewards. It was one of those  >>now or never<<  decisions. I didn’t want to regret not even trying to sing  later on  and have that  >if only< stuck in my mind. I realized I need to get the guts to reach out for my dreams which seemed so unrealistic then.

After getting unbelievably good comments for singing and attractive looks  from the jury, she was finally convinced that she should take some time to see where music could take her :

„For now I live an artists life – no security or predictability but I live only from performing and that’s a success in it’s self.  I’m taking time to work on my own music for the first time in my life. I’m exploring my talents further and checking out new genres.  At this moment I’m content just by  landing on my feet afer making such a huge twist in my life– from a pharmacist to a singer over night?!- believe me – it’s a long way to go! J“